Ai Kihara-Hunt works in research, publication, training, workshop facilitation, public speeches and events.

 Areas of research

Primary area of research:

Accountability of UN Police Officers during Peace Operations

Areas of previous and current researches:

The right to self-determination, violations of human rights and international humanitarian law in Nepal, human rights violations in East Timor, immunities afforded to personnel associated with UN Peace Operations, reservations to human rights treaties, human rights indicators, misconduct by personnel associated with UN Peace Operations

General areas of research:

The Law of Peacekeeping, the Law of International Organizations, Human Rights Law, International Humanitarian Law, International Criminal Law



In addition to academic publications, I write other opinion pieces and non-fictional essays on international relations, humanity, self-motivation and wide areas of interest. Some of the writings include:

“Can you express yourself?” in Asahi Shimbun, 9 June 2002

“Making dreams come true – with episodes of East Timor” in Shimotsuke Education, vol. 709, December 2002, Tochigi Prefectural Coalition on Education

“Reflections from East Timor – as Human Rights Officer” in Weekly Human Rights Magazine, vol. 66, 6 February 2002

 “Witnessing the Wave of the Time – changing East Timor” in Tsukuba Student Newspaper, 10 October 1999  

For academic publications, please see Publications


Ai Kihara-Hunt is a trainer, certified by the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Nepal. In addition to training on human rights law and other expertise, Ai provides training on training skills.

Training of trainers: Ai led capacity building for security forces in Nepal while working with the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Nepal. Most of the courses she provided included training planning, preparation, needs assessment, design, facilitation, presentation, public appearance, evaluation and modification.

Training on presentation skills: Ai provides training or sessions on presentation skills. Smaller sessions include a 2-hour session on presentation skills for IT staff at the United Nations Logistics Base, 2 March 2011. 

For academic teaching and training for security forces, please see Teaching.

 Public speeches and Events

Ai Kihara-Hunt also provides speeches, comments and organization/participation in public events on the issues of her expertise and interest. She takes a creative means and methods of delivering otherwise dry themes for the general audience. For some examples, please see Extramural Activities